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We offer free parking supervision to all housing associations

Parking supervision is being introduced to a growing number of private parking spaces in housing associations that experience unauthorized or ruthless parking. As a resident, it can be particularly troublesome if you have to find other means of parking, due to unauthorized parking occupying your spaces. Several of our current customers have previously tried setting up parking signs themselves to prohibit unauthorized parking. Lack of respect for private property means, that unauthorized persons can park their vehicles in parking spaces, that have no private parking supervision without consequences. When you enter a collaboration with COPARK, we can effectively enforce your private property ownership and our experience shows, that all customers quickly achieve the desired effect. It is paramount to us, that a parking solution benefits and satisfies all authorized users of your parking space and that the collaboration has minimal administration for the property manager, board or janitor.

Se what a parking solution for your housing association includes:

Free collaboration with no binding.
COPARK covers all set-up and operating costs. This means that your housing association will not pay a single penny. A collaboration with COPARK can always be cancelled with short notice. This means that you are not tied to long-term contracts or notice periods.
You decide the rules and exceptions
Naturally, you decide exactly what rules and regulations apply to the use of your parking space. We are happy to give suggestions and help you find the set of rules that suits your needs. COPARK is a flexible parking company – also in terms of exceptions. There might be special situations that you want our parking attendants to manage in a certain way? Through thorough matching of expectations, we put together a plan detailing exactly what triggers a control fee and what does not. This ensures a good and honest collaboration.
Statutory signs
Once we find out which set of rules you want to apply to your parking space, we arrange for the production and set up of signs. If you have special needs for the placement of signs, we will endeavour to accommodate this, as long as the placement does not violate applicable legal requirements.
Parking permits

At COPARK, you will get as many parking permits as you like – naturally. We offer two different types, or a combination of both.

Digital parking permits:

A digital parking permit is registered on the license place of the vehicle. When the license plate is scanned by the parking attendant, it shows whether the vehicle has a digital parking permit or not.

All you need to do is assign every resident with one or more parking permits. Subsequently, the residents themselves have the option to change license plates via their personal web-login or COPARK’s APP.

Physical parking permits:

A physical parking permit is a copy-proof plastic card, delivered in a plastic sheet for mounting in the windshield of the vehicle.

If you require physical parking permits, you will receive the desired number of cards with consecutive numbers that are subsequently distributed to your residents.

Guest parking

Guest parking means that guests of residents can park in your parking space for a limited time, e.g. 24 hours. We offer two different types, or a combination of both:

Digital guest parking:

With a digital guest permit, residents can register their guests digitally via their personal web-login or COPARK’s APP. How long you want a guest parking to be valid and whether there should be a limit to how many each resident can create per month is agreed in advance.

Physical guest cards

Residents can issue a physical guest card to their guests. the guest fills out the guest card with date and time and places the card in the windshield of the vehicle. How long you want a guest parking to be valid for is agreed in advance.

We will supply as many guest cards as you like – these are subsequently distributed to your residents by you.

Parking attendants and 24-hour service
All attendants are trained and uniformed and receive a fixed salary with no commission or bonus in accordance with the applicable agreement for parking attendants. This ensures a fair and objective supervision of your parking space. Our parking attendants supervise your parking space several times a day and can be called round the clock, every day of the year.
Get a share of the revenue
COPARK is among the parking companies that offer the highest sharing of revenue on the market. We can do this because we are a Danish-owned company and independent of large investment, equity and pension funds that expect annual yields and returns.

We also offer:

Marking off parking bays
We offer to mark off parking bays, disability parking bays, numbering of parking bays and other similar tasks. When setting up a collaboration agreement regarding parking supervision, we offer to mark off these things cost-free on flexible terms. Contact us for more information.
Rental of parking spaces
Through COPARK’s digital portal we are able to handle internal and/or external rental of your parking spaces, manage invoicing, payment and waiting lists, if any. You decide the setting – we will take care of the rest
Mobile payment with EASYPARK
If you have unused parking spaces, we offer short-term parking for a fee with EASYPARK. We will handle all things related to set-up and administration and continuously settle and transfer the revenue to your association’s account.

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Receive up to 300,00 DKK per paid control fee.

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